Monday, December 2, 2013

Down on the Firm

1. The boss expects me to find my own cases, sign them up, work them single-handedlyand handle the collections/accounting in those cases ("my cases").

2. I am required to spend much of each day working on the boss's cases -- perhaps half my time. Many of the boss's cases are complete losers, financially and otherwise. (As my mentor said: why would the boss want to spend any time on those dogs? He wouldn't. That's why he has an associate.) This creates Problem #1: my cases have real deadlines and I do not have the time or the help to meet those effectively; I am busy working on the boss's cases. 

3. Problem #2: The firm cannot pay me any more than a modest base salary because I do not bring in enough revenue in my cases. But I do not have time to even work on my own cases, much less go out and find new ones. The boss's thought on that subject: that's what nights and weekends are for. Yes: work all day billing hours, then go home and in your spare time learn new areas of the law, draft content for the firm's web site, find clients, and profitably work their cases. Problem #2 is quite a problem, as I am just at the firm to make money.

This is the same issue my predecessor mentioned to me on her last day at the firm. If all goes according to plan, I will warn my replacement about this issue in about 4 months.

Sunday, December 1, 2013


The perfect plan to glorify oneself:

1. Create a species and a world for it to live in

2. Let a few hundred thousand years go by as they slaughter themselves in your name, starve, and generally suffer

3. Send son (who is actually you) to be tortured and murdered

4. Wait a couple thousand more years for effect - more slaughter and suffering in the meantime

5. Take your devoted flock to paradise for an eternity of them praising you

6. Send the rest - the vast majority - to burn alive forever

Cult of Human Sacrifice

Christianity is not a religion that refutes human sacrifice. Just the opposite: Christianity is a cult of human sacrifice. Christians believe one human sacrifice was effective for all humanity. While possible, this appears quite improbable, just as is the thought that any other human sacrifice could actually work.